The Lasting Impact of the Second World War

The impacts of the Second World War are significant even today and have proved to be very long lasting in society. The most clear and disturbing impact of the Second World War and the widespread violence committed within it is the loss of shakespeare_main_2526950b-720x480-720x480life. There are several estimations but it is understood that around 75 million people died in the Second World War. Interesting, only 25 million of these were as a direct result of military conflict, the others were civilian deaths which occurred from genocide, starvation or the proliferation of disease in society. The country which suffered greatest in terms of death rate was Russia. They lost some 27 million people in the Second World War, both military and civilians.

There are several political bodies which were born out of the trauma of the Second World War. The two most notable ones are NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the UN (United Nations). Both of these organization were established in the wake of the Second World War in order to maintain peace and stability. To some extent they have succeeded, there has not been another world war, though there has still been a considerable amount of military action since 1945 which has resulted in a great deal of death.

One of the most surprising impacts of the Second World War, and possibly the only positive one, is the developments which were made in science and technology. Aircraft, for instance, were developed rapidly in the Second World War out of necessity. This meant that after the war commercial aircraft benefited from great technological advances. Lots of the technology which was used for negative reasons in the war, such as guns and tanks, has since been adapted and used got the greater good since the end of the Second World War.