The Female Spies of WW2 You’ve Never Heard of

460nancy-wake_5The role of women in World War II cannot be underestimated, and yet due to gender discrimination, it is. Here are some of the most famous female spies of WWII that you may never have heard about:

  • Lise de Baissac – she joined the SOE in 1940 and was the first female spy to land in France through parachute. Her job was to act like a poor widow and create a network in the city and transportation of arms. She died at the age of 98.
  • Krystyna Skarbek – the character of Eva Green in Casino Royale was inspired by her. She played a major role when Poland and France were still occupied. After joining SIS in 1939 for Poland, she traveled with an Olympic skier and survived -30 degrees temperatures to make contact with resistance groups and secret agents for the British Army.
  • Vera Leigh – when Paris fell, Leigh was the first woman to join the French Resistance and helped rescue several allied men who were trapped behind enemy lines. She was later recruited by the SOE at the age of 40. She was familiarly known as Crack Shot, a nickname given to her by friends and colleagues.
  • Diana Rowden – she was a French journalist who later fled the country to join the SOE in the year 1943. She was later tasked with joining the Acrobat resistance network. Her job was to deliver important messages to underground spies who were working in Germany-occupied Paris and other cities.
  • Odette Hallowes – she joined the SOE by mistake when she sent the wrong post to the wrong government office stating she wanted to help with war efforts. She was traveling with Peter Churchill who had no relation whatsoever with Winston Churchill. But when she was caught, she said that she was his wife and she was not killed like other agents.