Most Interesting Bachelor History Classes Offered at Universities

valley-city-state-university-best-online-bachelors-historyStudents who are passionate about history and wish to apply for a Bachelor degree in history through the SchoolApply web platform, might be wondering which classes to take for their history background and this page of the website tries to fulfil the purpose of a general guide to follow.

Some of the best universities in the world to pursue history courses at are by far Harvard and Oxford.

Harvard University offers its students a myriad of history courses to choose from, some of which include:

The World of the Roman Empire: basically a thorough introduction into this specific area, takes its students into a journey from the third century B.C. up to the third century A.D., having its emphasis put on the multitude of cultures present in the Roman Empire;
China: Past, Present, Future: offering students an overview of the “Chinese Empire” and the prominent economical and cultural development that has been seen in the last decades in China and its impact over the world;
Japan’s Samurai Revolution: a rather interesting and different subject, this course approaches students with the intent of offering insight into the 1853 Edo Bay battle which involved four U.S. Navy warships.
If choosing Oxford University, students will be able to enjoy some of the following history courses:

Archeology and Anthropology: this enticing course will enable students to be able to have a look at the human history from the origins of the species and up until the present day;
History of Art: one fascinating course, which focuses its content mainly on what humankind wishes to name “art pieces” and aims to offer students an understanding of the origins of the first artistic expressions into the different cultures.
Ancient and Modern History: the essential class, that empowers students with a view of the most important events that occurred in the ancient and modern era, enabling them to better understand the “pillars” which rest at the foundation of history.